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Microsoft 365 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I keep my existing email address and aliases? How will Aliases work in General?

Yes, all email addresses and aliases that you have will be moved to Office 365. However, you will only be able to receive email at these aliases. The official email address is the only address you will be able to send from during the first phase of the Office 365 roll-out. For more information on Aliases please refer to our Alias request form here.

What clients will the University support? Can I use Outlook on the Desktop or any other Email client?

We will initially recommend and support Outlook for the Web (Web Browsers) and the Outlook App on mobile devices (iPhone & Android). We will consider support for existing solutions in the future, however any client that is compatible with Office 365 should work without issues. You can see what we will be supporting by looking at our Office 365 Project Page.

How do I change my Microsoft 365 password?

Office 365 passwords are the same passwords you use with your ULID. You can change your password by going to the Password Change page.

How do I log into my campus email?

You can log into your campus email by going to and using your and your password. Your Contacts, Tasks & Calendars will also be found here.

What is Outlook for the Web?

Outlook for the Web is the web version of our campus email. You can find out more on our page for Outlook for the Web.

Can I use Microsoft 365 Email on different clients instead of the web?

Yes, however for the first day we are only supporting Outlook for the Web. You can however find a list of setup instructions for All clients on our Office 365 Training Page.

Can I add an Image to my Microsoft 365 Account?

Yes, you can, but there a lot to think about. Please see our tutorial for Images in Office 365.

How can I use Office 365 Email on my Smartphone?

We are supporting the Outlook App. You can find setup instructions on the Office 365 Training Page. There are also instructions for the Native Email Apps for iPhone & Android, however, we suggest using the Outlook App to get the most functionality from Office 365.

What is my email address?

Your campus default email address will be your You will still receive email at your and any aliases you may have. We are working on a way to offer options to change your default email address. You can make the request here. But please give us two-three weeks to process these.

How can I get a Shared Mailbox?

You can get a Shared Mailbox using our Online Form. Remember, a shared mailbox is typlically a department or organizational mailbox.

How do I share my Inbox?

You can share your Outlook inbox by going to our Outlook for the Web information.

How can I Share a Calendar?

You can give user access to your Calendar using this tutorial from Microsoft.

How can I find the UL Academic and Administrative Calendars?

You can use this tutorial to setup the Academic and Administrative Calendar on our Public Calendars FAQ.

How can I create a Distribution List?

You can also request a Distribution List by using our Mailing List Online Form.

Will I keep my current Signature?

No, however, you can use this tutorial to setup your signature. We have a page dedicated to Campus Signatures here.

Can I forward my email off campus?

Campus email forwarding is not going to be available. You will need to use your UL Lafayette Office 365 email for campus business. For any more information please email

Can I create a Room Resource?

You can request a Room Resource to be created by creating a ticket with the IT Service Desk. A room resource is created to provide a way to manage Conference Rooms and other resources like equipment in Office 365. You can currently request them by using this Online Form.

Will we be able to use x feature?

We may limit some features and products at launch and will evaluate adoption of features and products in the Office 365 suite as resources allow.

Where can I go to learn more about what Microsoft 365 can do?

You can go to the Microsoft 365 Training Center to see what you can do with our new Office 365 system.