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Power Outage Policy

It is risky to leave your computer equipment plugged in. It should be completely disconnected from the power supply. This includes all hardware associated with your computer, such as audio speakers, modems, doves, terminals, monitors, etc.

Listed below are several helpful tips on protecting your equipment:

  • PC AND MONITOR [follow proper procedures in shutting down your PC software such as exiting Windows, getting to the c: prompt, then]

    • Turn off your PC and monitor

    • If your PC/ monitor is plugged into a power strip, turn off the power strip

    • If your PC/ monitor is plugged into the wall, unplug the power connector from the wall

    • If your PC is on the campus network, unplug the data connector that runs from the PC to the wall. Do not unplug a computer from its Ethernet connection!


    • Please turn off the power switch

    • Unplug the data connector that runs from the terminal to the wall. It is like a telephone connector. Lift the small catch and gently remove the connector. Remember where it goes so you can plug it in when necessary.


    • Turn off power switch

    • Unplug telephone from wall


    • Turn off power strip or unplug power supply from the wall


    • Turn off power switch