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Clear Your Cache

What is my cache?

We're talking about internet cache, pronounced like the word "cash".  It is a place where data about websites you visit are stored on your computer.  By storing data this helps build the pages and load faster because all the content, style sheets, pictures, scripts and other data used by the website can be loaded from your stored cache.  In most cases your computer will compare timestamps on files between your cache and the site you are visiting, if you visit the same site over and over, and will update only the newer files from the site.  

Why should I clear my cache?

Number one, the internet cache can grow quite large and cause performances issues over time. Also, a site might update its files, but your computer may not load the newer version which can cause things not to display or behave correctly.  Clearing your cache regularly will help reduce unecessary file build up, ensure you have the most recent version of the site you are visiting, and all of the buttons and links work properly.

How do I clear my cache?

All browser enabled devices have an internet cache.  Please click the link to learn how to clear the cache on your specific device.

Clear Cache