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Microsoft 365 Room Resources

Interested in scheduling your Conference Rooms without manually running a Calendar? Create an Microsoft 365 Room Resource. With Microsoft 365 we can create a Room Resource using a naming convention with

Once we create the Room Resource you be able to schedule the room from any calendar appointment:

Once you click on "Search for Room or Location" you can see all the Room Resources on campus that are available and if they are open for the time frame you are requesting:

If you click MORE OPTIONS, you can see what times are available for that room (Room Resource):

This shows that this room is unavailable from 3-4pm. If you move the slider down over that time, it will let you know:

The are several options available for Room Resources:

  • You can have a Room Resource auto accept a meeting request if the room is available OR you can assign a user to authorize any request that is made.
  • We can assign a user access to a Calendar for that room so they can manage it. 
  • You can share that Room Resource Calendar with anyone you want to.
  • User can see the room in the Scheduling Assistant as well as the people they are inviting.

The Room Resource Owner can mange the room in the same way they open a Shared Mailbox:

Once opened, you can go to the Calendar to see & manage the schedule much like you would your own calendar.

You can request a Room Resource by using our Room Resource Form.

For more information you can contact the IT Service Desk @ 337-482-HELP or email