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Offsite Work Options

Planning on being out a while? Are you teaching remotely or trying to get to your Online Course? Working from a remote location? Here are some of the University options that are available to you:


Campus to Cell Forwarding

We currently have the option to forward from Campus to your Cell. You can find out more information at our Knowledgebase article for Campus to Cell.

Accessing Voicemail from Off Campus

To access your Voicemail from off campus you can dial 3374826245 which is the equivalent of dialing 86# from on campus.

Mitel Phone Options

If you have a Mitel phone system you can see what options are available here on our VOIP Page.

Distance Learning (Moodle) Options:

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

To access University resources such as your network share (Network Files) or administrative functions in Banner from an offsite location you will need to request a VPN/UConnect account.

An internet connection is required as well as FortiClient VPN software

Windows Users: If it is a campus domain PC please contact the IT Service Desk to have the software installed. Most University laptops will come with FortiClient VPN pre-installed.

If you have a VPN account you can remote INTO your Work PC as well. You need to make sure the PC's sleep mode is off and is configured to all you to remote into it. 

Learn more about VPN Access here.

Remote Desktop Access

You can remote into a Window PC at work using:

  • A home Windows PC (Needs FortiClient VPN and account. You can use remote desktop application to access it. 
  • A Mac computer (Needs to download Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Mac Store)
  • A Linux computer (This is not supported but can be done using a VPN client and a program called Remmina)

Remoting into a Mac

Currently that is not supported.

You can use the VPN form above to request access to remote into a Campus PC.

You can collaborate using Microsoft Teams Chat

No VPN needed for Teams to work. This is what you can do with Teams:

  • You can do team "Chats" with anyone on campus that has a ULID. In that chat you can:
    • Initiate a call between the people in the chat
    • Intiaite a video conference meeting between the chat members
    • Add files to the chat to transfer data on the fly
    • Share your Computer or phone screen to anyone that is participating in the Video Chat. 
  • If you are a member of a TEAM (You can find out more at our Teams Page and where to get Teams) you can continue to collaborate using any acceptabe device.

Find our more about our Microsoft Teams Options on this page.

Setup virtual "Meetings" using Microsoft Teams

IT has created a Distribution Account for every course that UL has currently. Faculty can create a "Online Teams Meeting" using that information. Microsoft has a great tutorial here.

Virtual Classrooms using Microsoft Teams

Starting with an Outlook meeting request, using a preconfigured group of students in a named course, from the Microsoft Teams Group Meeting feature, you can conduct class online as if you were in a classroom.  Video, audio, chat, and screen sharing are some of the tools included with the Teams meeting feature.

Click here for more information and detailed instructions on how to use this powerful tool.

One on One or Multiple Video Chats using Microsoft Teams Chat

Go here to see how to communicate directly with your Facuty, Students or Staff using Teams

Cloud Storage for Files

If there is any documents you may need to off campus, you have the options of using Office 365 cloud service. You can find more about it here.


Employees who need to scan paperwork and other documents while working remotely can download and use the following smartphone apps:

In addition, iPhones and iPads are equipped with document reproduction features that enable digital images to be emailed. Find details here:

Cameras on Android phones also have a document-scanning and emailing features. Read about them here:

Any other Questions?

If you have an questions or need additional help, please contact the IT Service Desk.  Email -, Phone 337-482-4357