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Department Mailbox

A shared mailbox provides you with an email account with your department’s name on it.  Some benefits of having a shared mailbox include:

  • A single point of contact for your customers
  • No one person’s mailbox is overwhelmed with general questions or information email
  • Many people can be assigned access to the mailbox to manage, read, or answer the email with no serpate login
  • A specific function your department provides can be segregated from the general email by use of a functional email alias and shared folder (and specific people of your choosing assigned to manage that function related email)
  • People can be assigned to and removed from the shares associated with email easily

When you request a shared mailbox, we will perform the following steps:

  • Create a mailbox using your department's short code as the mailbox address
  • Share the inbox of the mailbox with those that you identify in your request
  • Assign any common name alias to the mailbox you specify in your request
  • Verify any functional aliases you may request for your mailbox (some aliases may already be assigned to individuals and will need to be transferred to the department account)
  • Assign access to individuals you identify 

Once all of the steps have been performed, we will test the account and any aliases and contact you when it is complete.

Contact the IT Service Desk to learn more, or fill out this Shared Mailbox Request form to start the process of creating a mailbox for your department.