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Mailman Mailing List

The University uses a program called Mailman to manage electronic mailing lists. These mailing lists contain a group of email addresses to which a single message is sent.

The two types of mailing lists are:

  • Discussion Lists - A discussion list allows someone to send a moderated message to a specified group. In turn, members of that group can respond back to discuss the topic. An example would be a club’s mailing list.
  • Announce Lists - An announce list is an ‘information only’ list. It allows someone to send a moderated message to a specified group in which replies to the message are not sent out to the rest of the group. An example is the employee announce list or student announce list which sends employees and students relevant news pertaining to the University.

Common groups who use mailing lists are University clubs (A full-time employee advisor is required to sponsor the club), colleges (such as Education or undergraduate arts majors) or employees of a specific department (such as Library employees).

To create a new mailing list, please fill out the form located on the Service Desk website or located here:

The ‘owner’ of the list will be the list administrator. It is the responsibility of the administrator to ensure the addresses on the list are valid and remove those which are not.  Periodically, Central IT will provide the administrator/owner a list of invalid email addresses on their list(s) and allow them 2 weeks to address those invalid addresses.  Any invalid addresses which remain on the list will be removed at the end of the 2 week review period.