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Email Bounce Back Errors

If you send a message and the the person who is suppose to receive the message does not receive it, one of the following bounce back errors may appear in your mailbox:

  • Mailbox quota has been exceeded: When you receive this message, it means that the receiver's mailbox is full and needs to be cleaned out (both messages in the inbox and trash) to make room for new messages. You will have to contact the receiver some other way besides email to let him know that his mailbox is full.
  • Email sent has been blocked: This means that the external mail relay server (the server from which the email originated), from which the email is being sent has been “blacklisted” from the university email. You should send their correspondence through a different email service or find another way to contact the receiver.
  • Email has been sent to an unrecognized account: This means the email address of the user being sent mail is incorrect. Review the sent message for possible flaws in input.
  • Email contains a virus: The “bounce back email” will bounce back with a message containing which virus was detected in the email. You should clean all viruses off of your computer and then resend the original message.   Post script suffixes attachments are disallowed (ex: *.exe, *.bat, *.url, etc.) by the University email system.: Upon receiving this message, the email sender should compress (zip) the file to avoid bouncing email to the recipient.