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Software for University Owned Computers

New or upgraded operating systems or software purchases can be obtained through University Computer Support Services. Software purchases which do not fall into any of the categories below must be made via requisition with approval from the Information Technology CIO.

Please review the items below before contacting our office.

Microsoft365 Applications

To purchase Microsoft365 software for a University owned machine, for example (Project, Visio, etc.), please complete the University Software Request Form, and your request will automatically be processed.

To use or install the desktop version (if license allows), use this Instruction Document.

Windows 10 Purchases

To upgrade your University owned machine to Windows 10, please complete a Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade Request form and your request will automatically be processed.

Adobe purchases

To purchase Adobe software for a University owned machine please click here for access to the request form: (LINK)

Other purchases

Software House International (SHI) can be contacted for most University software purchases (excluding Windows, Microsoft Office, & Adobe).

Academic Account Executive: Casey Dellsperger
Phone: (504) 302-1651
MS Select Contract Master Enrollment Number:  5043042
Agreement Number: 01S6N537