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NetOp Vision

Information Technology has partnered with UNIV 200 instructional staff and Netop to pilot test Vision Pro 7, a classroom management tool that will enhance instructor/student interaction and streamline workflow in the classroom.  Netop provided a NGAGE GAP grant to assist in funding the project. 

Netop Vision 7 Pro is classroom management software that lets you view your students’ computer screens from your own display, guide how they’re using their computers and interact screen-to-screen.  This software allows you to: 

  • View a screenshot of each computer in the classroom from your own display, so you can follow your students’ work in real time
  • Communicate with your class screen-to-screen: chat, operate a student’s computer for them or demonstrate directly on their screens, all from your own computer
  • Turn Internet access on or off entirely, or just choose specific websites to block or allow
  • Select the applications you want your class to work in while blocking others
  • Distribute files, collect assignments and launch websites for the whole class in a click, saving lost transition time, so you can get more from your class period
  • Annotate on-screen
  • Showcase student work
  • Wake up or shut down all your computers in a click.

Project Leads:

Marilyn Gastineau
Rendell Bird
J. Collin Wynne
Paul Melancon



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For more information please contact the IT Help Desk.