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GeauxGuest Wireless Network

1. Using your wireless device, find and connect to the GeauxGuest SSID.
2. If a browser window does not open immediately to take you to Device Registration, open a browser window and type in the address bar.  You should then be redirected to the Device Registration page.
3. Enter your name, phone number, mobile carrier, and email address into the boxes provided.  These will be used to send a single-use code to you to complete your registration.  Please read the Terms of Use, and accept by marking the checkbox.
4. A confirmation page will open, showing you the information you entered.  You should shortly receive and email and/or text message with the Username and Password that you will use to connect to GeauxGuest.  Please make note of them, and press the ‘Login with a Guest Account’ button.
5. Enter the Username and Password that was sent to you via email and/or text message.  Press the ‘Login’ button to complete the sign-in process.
6. After a short wait, your browser should open the main campus webpage,  You’ve successfully connected to GeauxGuest.
7. If needed, please reboot your device to complete registration.
If you have any difficulty connecting to GeauxGuest, please contact the IT Service desk by phone at (337) 482-HELP, by email at, or in person at Stephens Hall, room 110.

Download the Instructions Here