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Datalink Scanner Help

Our Scanner is located at the IT Service Desk (Stephens Hall room 110). It is a Datalink 3000 and the manual for use is located on Datalink's website.

The machine works with DataLink 3000 forms #20170 & #29240 which can be purchased at the Ragin Cajun Bookstore.

To use the Datalink 3000:

  • Log into the connected PC on the desk
  • Open the Datalink Software
  • Click the Test Scoring Icon to verify you are in Test Scoring Mode
  • Insert a key for your test.
  • Press the Scan/Pause on the scanner
  • Place the stack of completed answer sheets in the input tray
  • Press the Scan/Pause button to score the answer sheets
  • Once the answer sheets are scored you can use the DataLink software to export to Excel.

There are similar DataLink 3000s (also with PCs) located in HLG 554A, Hamilton Hall 322, and Girard 322.

Additionally, the data-files created by Datalink Connect can be saved to a jump-drive, etc. The software is available to any UL PC via Software Center: