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In an effort to lower costs for students by moving toward a standard response system, the UL Lafayette Bookstore and Office of Faculty Affairs recommends the i>clicker as the standard student response system. Moving to a standard technology allows students to buy and resell the i>clicker as needed and limits the types of response systems that faculty and students must learn.

What does this mean for you and your students?

  • Track attendance
  • Keep students engaged with the material
  • Help faculty gauge their students' understanding of the material throughout the entire class
  • Students can purchase the i>clicker2 for one class, and use it in any other class
  • i>clickers integrate with Moodle
  • Instructor kits are free to you when you adopt the i>clicker for your class(es)

For more information, please contact our i>clicker representative:

Patrick Fariss
i>clicker Specialist

For i>clicker questions and support, please contact:

i>clicker Tech Support: 866.209.5698 M-F 9am-9pm EST

Hardware & Software

To Order Instructor's Equipment:

UL Lafayette instructor i>clicker software:
*download to flash drive*

Training, User Guides & Videos

Moodle Gradebook Intrgration

Training Webinar
(Make sure to choose Higher Education training)

Syllabus template on Student Registration, cheating, etc.

User Guides
Step-by-step with pictures

Videos on getting started, polling, gradebook, etc

Best Practices - 14 Tips for Successful Clicker Use

Tech Support

i>clicker Tech Support | 866.209.5698 M-F 9am-9pm EST)

i>clicker Support Portal (type in your question at the top)