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VOIP Telephone

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 8:19am -- David Savoie

Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a relatively new way of providing telephone service.  Think of VoIP as a virtual telephone.  You are assigned a phone number provided by the University through a VoIP service provider .  Using the provider's mobile or desktop applications, or a device resembling the traditional desktop phone set, you can place or receive calls using the phone number provided.

Because of the portablility of VoIP Service, it uses an Enhanced 911 (E911) service for emergency calls placed by dialing 911.  There are some differences with E911 versus traditional 911.  Most notably, the information electronically availabe to 911 operators from callers on VoIP services may not provide the physical location of the caller.  The information provided will be the registered phycial location when the  service was installed.  You will be required to acknowledge that you have read and understand the information provided in the knowledge article "UL Lafayette E911 Fact Sheet" prior to receiving VoIP service.  

Currently, the standard offering for VoIP phone service at the University is Mitel.

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Available to: 
Faculty Member
Staff Member
Requirements to Authorize Service: 
Budget Head Authorization
Fees to provide service: 
Varies with service
Estimated delivery time: 
5-10 Business Days
Supported by: 
Network Services
Service owner: 
Network Services