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Common ULink Error Messages

Authentication failed! Try again.

What it means - Your password is incorrect

Solution - Try using the Forgot Password function to reset your password. Do NOT use ampersands (&) in your ULink password.
If you receive this error message after successfully completing a password reset, you may need to clear your browser cache, then completely close and reopen the browser. If you're using a bookmark to get to ULink, but sure it is linking to

Missing parameter name

What it means - Your using the Edge web browser.

Solution - Switch to a Firefox or Chrome browser

User Name Not Found

What it means - There is an error with the internal workings of your account

Solution - Email with your ULID and contact information

Your reach a page that asks for a User ID & PIN

What it means - You've reached an internal error page, you do not have a User ID & PIN for ULink.

Solution - Completely close your browser then log back into ULink
DO NOT attempt to login ot this page, it will lock your web access.

Your Web access has been disabled.

What it means - You've entered in your information into the User ID and PIN page listed above.

Solution - Wait 30 minutes, then access ULink again
Your account automatically unlocks after that period of time.