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Employee Door Access

Types of Employee Door Access

Full-Time Employee/Teaching Assistant or Graduate Assistant Access

  • If the employee is paid by HR, access is to be requested by the supervisor or department sponsor via DOORREQUESTFORM.
  • If the Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant is not paid by HR or does not appear via DOORREQUESTFORM, the supervisor or department sponsor should email with the following information:
    • Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant's full name
    • Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant's ULID
    • Details about the access needed, including the date for removal

Student Employee Access

  • Door access is to be requested via DOORREQUESTFORM by the student employee's supervisor.
  • Employee access is not removed unless it is requested by the department, the employee moves to another department at UL or the employee separates from the University.

Departmental Moves

  • If you transfer to a new department at UL Lafayette,  a new DOORACCESSFORM will need to be completed for any access needed.