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Ordering Apple Equipment

To Order iPads, Mac Minis, Macbooks and iMacs:

  1. Visit the Apple store
  2. Add your device(s) to your cart
    You are required to purchase AppleCare+ for each device
  3. Expand the product details on each item
  4. Print a copy of your cart to PDF
  5. Complete a Nonstandard Computer Request
  6. Once approved, create Purchase Requisition in Banner.

Note: If approval is granted, it is the requester's responsibility to ensure a Purchase Requisition is created in Banner. Central IT does not create the Purchase Requisition or place the other for any non-standard equipment.

Installing Windows on a Mac


Installation of Microsoft Windows on all University Macs will incur an interdepartmental charge of $80.00, plus the cost of dual booting software.

This service is not currently offered for M1 chip Macs.

Note: The latest macOS is required to be installed prior to Windows installation. Devices that are unable to be updated to the latest macOS will be denied this service.