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Desktop Services - Non-standard Computer Request

Computer system standardization is essential for any enterprise organization. It is crucial in our campus environment where University Computing Support Services (UCSS) in conjunction with departmental IT Managers setup, maintain, repair, and support over 5,000 computers. This standardization allows campus IT to familiarize itself with selected baseline and enhanced computer models and work with its vendors to request direct support through a single channel. With a limited number of campus IT staff, standardization is a major advantage in ensuring that the University is provided with the most comprehensive technical support and maintains compatibility with the developing business processes.

University Computing Support Services (UCSS) has established a catalog of baseline and enhanced professional/business computer models including desktops and laptops that have been analyzed to meet typical University business needs.

Whenever possible, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to order and use the standardized computer systems sold through the PC Depot/Desktop Services. Although our standard systems are designed to meet the needs of the majority of our campus we recognize there are instances where more computational power than what our enhanced system offers is required.

Please note the following regarding non-standard computer requests:

  • All non-standard computer system quotes must include one of the follow warranty options:
    • 3 year warranty for laptops
    • 5 year warranty for desktops
    • 2 year warranty for various tablets
    • 3 years of AppleCare+ for all MacOS hardware, excluding iPads
    • 2 years of AppleCare+ for iPads
  • Non-standard computer system purchases, excluding iPads, may incur a mandatory $50 per computer interdepartmental charge for configuration, which includes the latest version of Microsoft Office and anti-virus software.

Note: If approval is granted, it is the requester's responsibility to ensure a Purchase Requisition is created in Banner. Central IT does not create the Purchase Requisition or place the other for any non-standard equipment.

Please provide the following information regarding your nonstandard computer system request:
Exemptions are based on technical merits and how it relates to teaching, research and/or service, not on personal preferences. Explanation of business need should be void of arguments related to initial purchase price, personal opinions of one brand or supplier over another, or other non-technical issues such as design, packaging, etc.
Provide a PDF of the quote for the requested non-standard computer system that includes specifications, warranty information and price.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
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