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Analog Instrument Check

If you have a campus analog phone and are experiencing no dial tone, static, low volume, or dropped calls, you can attempt to diagnose the issue if you would like using these steps or you can contact us for more assistance (see step 7).

  1. Does the handset have an attachment that is intended to keep the cord from twisting or tangling? (If yes go to question 2. If no, go to question 3.)
  2. Remove the attachment on the cord. Does this correct the reported problem? (If yes, stop. If no go to question 3.)
  3. Is the telephone line connected to any other devices such as another phone, modem, or fax machine? (If no, go to question 6, If yes, continue to Question 4.)
  4. Is a splitter or other device plugged into the jack or cord to allow multiple phones or other devices to use this extension? (If yes, go to question 5. If no, be prepared to list all devices and go to question 6.)
  5. Remove any splitter that is not a T-Mod 4 jack splitter (one supplied by IMN) from the jack. Plug your phone directly into the jack. (Do NOT remove an IMN supplied splitter). Make sure that no other devices are also connected to this extension or jack. Does this correct the reported problem? (If yes, then stop. If no, then go to question 6.)
  6. Swap the telephone and cord going to the wall jack with a working telephone and cord. Does it work OK with the swapped telephone in place? (If yes, then stop. If no, then go to question 8 and record all information gathered on the problem on the trouble ticket.)
  7. Request more help.