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Digital Telephone Services

Avaya 8410D telephone image

OUITEL (Overall University Information TELephone) provides telephone communications for the campus.

The advanced digital switch provides a multitude of features

  • Call coverage paths
  • Call parking
  • Multi-person conference calling
  • Complete voice mail services 

OUITEL connects you to long distance services via LINC for business calls and an AOS system for personal calls.


Ordering Information

The monthly service charge is billed annually by the Business Office

Order the new service 

User Documentation

Service Features Guide

User Guide

Hard Key Features


Are you experiencing no dial tone, low volume, dropped calls, or malfunctioning equipment?

Test your phone (analog or digital).

Are you getting other's calls?

Troubleshoot for forwarded or cover calls.

Are you not getting your calls?

Make sure it is not due to a ring ping, and then test your phone (analog or digital).

Are you experiencing problems with voicemail?

Troubleshoot voicemail.

Are you receiving harassing calls?

Report them immediately.

Modifying Service

You can add, remove, or modify your service by filling out the digital telephone service request form.  Answer the "What do you need help with?" question with the most closely related item and answer the questions.

Your request will be processed and you will be notified of the progress.