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Email Alias

Tue, 06/26/2018 - 10:36am -- Jennifer Campbell

Email aliases are email addresses which can be used at the University to receive email. (NOTE - You can send from your official University email address only, see Your University Email Address)

You may request the addition of email aliases to your email account using this online help form. All requests for email aliases are reviewed by a member of the IT Service Desk staff. The business rules used to approve or deny all requests for email aliases are listed below.

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Online Request Form: 
Email & Calendaring
Available to: 
Faculty Member
Staff Member
Graduate Student
Undergraduate Student
Normal Business Hours
Requirements to Authorize Service: 
Adherence to Business Rules for Alias
Estimated delivery time: 
24 Hours
Supported by: 
University Computing Support Services (UCSS)
Service owner: 
University Computing Support Services (UCSS)