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How to Log Into Banner

You don't really log "into" Banner.  Banner is the term to describe the entire system of components.  It is the individual components that you actually log into.  

Instead of having to remember all of the different components, where they are, and the different ways to log into each component, there is going to be a "portal" that will give you a single point to login. The portal will function much like the current ULink portal, and will even adopt the same name.  Once you have logged into the "portal",  you will be able to navigate within Banner without having to re-enter your account credentials.  The areas of Banner that pertain to you will be available for you to use.

Simply put, to use Banner you will log into the "new" ULink portal using your ULID and password.

For more information on ULIDs or if you need assistance with your password please see the PASSWORD HELP page