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ERP Project Definition


The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project is more than a simple installation and implementation of new mission-critical systems and software for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  The project will provide and facilitate the following:

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Network Enhancement

During the Fall 2010 STEP cycle, the STEP Council voted to fund two major projects that will have a significant impact on the University's network and the institution's ability to expand voice, data, and video services to the campus community.

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A mechanism has been put in place for the maintenance and support of the student funded technologies on campus.  On April 15, 2010, the STEP Council approved a STEP Sustainability Plan designed to ensure that laboratories, smart classrooms, and infrastructure funded by STEP can be maintained and continue to provide satisfactory service to students.  The Plan allocates one third (33%) of STEP revenues to a fund for the following six primary purposes:

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Wireless Policy

These are the general rules and policies for wireless communications at UL Lafayette in the 2.4 and 5 GHz Unlicensed Bands:

  • Wireless Network: Wireless data network access and services are subject to the same rules and policies that govern other computer and network services at UL Lafayette.

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GeauxGuest Wireless Network

1. Using your wireless device, find and connect to the GeauxGuest SSID.
2. If a browser window does not open immediately to take you to Device Registration, open a browser window and type in the address bar.  You should then be redirected to the Device Registration page.
3. Enter your name, phone number, mobile carrier, and email address into the boxes provided.  These will be used to send a single-use code to you to complete your registration.  Please read the Terms of Use, and accept by marking the checkbox.


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