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Online Collaboration - Teams

You can request to have a Microsoft Team built using this form. If you are interested in Teams Training or Help, please refer to our training form

Please fill out a separate form for multiple Team Requests (multiple requests on a single submission will not be processed) and allow for 1-2 business day turnaround for Team Creation.

Enter the name of the department for which you are requesting a mailbox.
That will show when receiving email from this account.
ULIDs and names of those who will be managing this team (There is no need to list potential members of the team, you will be able to add the members on your own).
Please provide any additional information which may be useful to your request
Please refer to for Microsoft Team Type Descriptions (Course Teams will require course information)
Example: ACCT110 or AMUS420
Example: 001
Example: Fall 2021
Example: Intro to Financial Accounting