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Electronic Doors (E-Lock)

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 2:59pm -- Hillary Camors

E-Lock Service


E-Lock service provides an alternative to giving brass keys for access to areas. Keys do not provide any records or accountability, nor do they offer any time use restrictions. An e-lock can be configured to allow access to specific individuals during certain times, while maintaining logs of usage. Access to e-Locks can be modified at any time without having to visit the door.

If you are interested in requesting E-Lock service please contact Justin Mire at 337-482-1318 or

Online Request Form: 
Available to: 
Faculty Member
Staff Member
Requirements to Authorize Service: 
Authorization from Department Budget Head
Fees to provide service: 
Varies by service
Estimated delivery time: 
Varies by service request
Supported by: 
IT Security Office (ITSO)
Service owner: 
IT Security Office (ITSO)