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Issues Logging Into Moodle and ULink

Mon, 04/25/2022 - 10:55am -- David Savoie


We are experiencing issues system-wide.  Some things are resolved by a simple cache clear on your browser.  If you are unsure how to do so, please click the link below.

If you are using a Mobile Device and you cannot see the sign in button, turn your phone sideways.

Sometimes refresh/reload the page will fix the issue.

If you still cannot see the sign-in button, you must change the page zoom.

Page Zoom iOS
Go to Settings
Go to Safari
Go to Page Zoom
Reduce to 50%

Page Zoom Android
In Browser, go to 3 dots
Go to settings
Force Page Zoom

This will allow you to zoom in and out. Zoom out with the phone turned to see if the sign-in button appears.

If this does not work, please use the UL Lafayette App.

We will notify you via email when the issue is resolved.

UL Lafayette IT Service Desk