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Network Services Telephone - Analog Telephone

This webform is designed to help you with your analog telephone service request.  Please provide your customer information, then the part of the service.  Additional questions will show up as you make selections.

The following fees are associated with this service:

  • $75 set up fee
  • $6 per month, billed as a one time lump sum ($6 times the number of months remaining in the fiscal year minus one month's payment)
  • If service is canceled, there is no refund of payment
  • If canceled, then re-installed the next month, there will be another $75 plus yearly service charge
  • One number change per year at no charge, the second change is $50
The route the call takes as it travels through the coverpath
If this is a change to an existing pickup group, the extensions listed here will replace any current listed extensions on the existing pickup group.
If not known, enter "Unknown"
Fund Code / Orgn Code / Acct Code / Prog Code

If a dial tone exists at the new location, please dial 0#.  When the operator answers, ask them for the extension number and displayed caller ID you are calling from, and record it below.

When asked if there was a jack on the wall where you need service, you indicated No.  Before you can receive phone service in this location, you will need to complete a request for a "New Drop Reqeust"  (A new  window will open with the webform for this request.)