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ERP Project Benefits


Specific Benefits

Specific benefits to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette resulting from the successful completion of this project include:

  • Provide an integrated, comprehensive suite of higher education management software that is vendor supported, based on industry standards, and sustainable
  • Improved services to students, faculty, and staff including alumni, parents of students, donors, and job applicants
  • A careful and consistent analysis of the University’s current business practices to align institutional goals and objectives and customer service with the efficient and effective allocation of scarce University resources
  • More efficient processes that are representative of postsecondary education best practice
  • Tools to support better institutional planning, analysis, assessment,  and reporting
  • Total thin-client, web-based deployment that provides a more intuitive graphical user interface that enables the use of self-service options for University constituents within all appropriate applications
  • A unified, personal, web-based portal and community for all members of the University to access and securely share (where applicable) the University’s information resources and assets
  • Access to data and information in real-time
  • Increased functionality that existing legacy system is not capable of providing
  • Improved system security compliant with state and federal regulations
  • Employ modern workflow technology throughout the applications to reduce paperwork and improve operational efficiencies
  • Increase end-user ownership of their information assets, processes necessary to collect and maintain those assets, and the methodology in which services are provided.

Other Intangible Benefits of the Project

  • Improving service to all constituents: students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, donors, job applicants, prospective students, etc.;
  • Providing a web-based presentation for all applications with an intuitive user interface;
  • Providing an integrated, comprehensive suite of software that is a vendor supported, industry standard software package;
  • Enabling the use of self-service options embedded within all appropriate applications;
  • Establish and enhance end-user ownership of their information;
  • Employing workflow technology throughout the applications;
  • Improve cooperation and coordination between offices;
  • Improve understanding and documentation of university processes;
  • Providing a robust and comprehensive security system;
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness of business processes which will enable the University to achieve its business and administrative objectives (survivability during budget cuts);
  • Enforcing University policy and procedures.