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Access Request - Network Share Drive

Please provide the following information to modify or create a Network Share Drive for your department.

Please use your email address to properly process your request.

The following information is needed to process your request for a new network shared drive: 

  • The name and ULID of a person who will manage the drive (including approving removal/addition of people, establishing folder structure policy, etc.)
  • Approval from the department's budget manager (required for payment of costs associated with providing the storage space on UCSS server system) There is a yearly charge of $70 per 100GB share drive.
  • Department budget code information (Banner uses the FOAPAL for purchases charged to department's budget account) 

Please have this information ready before proceeding with the Shared Drive request.

For example, Names, CLID's and Computer Names of those needing to have access to this Network Share.