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Software - Microsoft Office Request

Microsoft Office 365 upgrades are being offered to University owned, domain joined computers that are running Windows 10.

You can complete the upgrade on your own through Software Center.

  1. Close all open Office applications
  2. Click the Windows icon in the left corner of the screen
  3. Type in Software Center & hit enter
  4. Once Software Center loads click the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus icon
  5. Click install.
    This is an automatic install that will both remove your current version of Office and install O365.

If you are currently running Windows 7 and would like to upgrade, complete the Windows 10 upgrade form.

If you are requesting a Microsoft Office upgrade for an Univeristy owned, domain joined Apple device running OSX, complete the form below.

If you are having trouble installing Office 365 on your Univeristy owned, domain joined Windows 10 machine using the instructions provided above, complete the form below.

Provide the last 6 of the State of Louisiana tag number. This is the white sticker located on the top of most desktops and the bottom of most laptops. ex. 119123