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    Connecting on Campus

    OUINET, OUITEL, and Geaux-WiFi are networks designed, installed, and maintained by Network Services.

    OUINET (Overall University Information NETwork) provides connectivity among the computing facilities. Currently all academic buildings are connected by fiber-optic backbone network between buildings and a varied Ethernet wiring plant within each building which has connections to the university's intranet and the World Wide Web (Internet).

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    PaperCut is a print management system that is designed to reduce costs associated with excessive printing. Every student is given an account credit of $25.00 per semester. At a cost of 10 cents per page, this gives each user the ability to print 250 pages.

    Why do we need PaperCut?

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    Leaving the University?

    University of Louisiana at Lafayette policy states that once you have separated from the University (for reasons other than retirement), you will no longer have access to University IT resources. 

    Tips to help you make a smooth transition from the University:

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    Did you know that University students and employees get highly discounted, and even free software? Check out our offerings to see how you can boost your productivity and excel like a true Ragin' Cajun!

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