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Configuring your Moodle Profile

Your Moodle profile helps you connect with your instructor and other students. From Moodle, access your profile by selecting your name in the top right corner, clicking "Preferences," and then selecting "Edit profile."
From here, you can decide what information you want to share and who can see that information. If you choose to include a description, consider including hobbies, the degree you're pursuing, and your career goals.
You can also add a profile photo and alternate name, if you use a different name.

Watch the video below for a full walkthrough of how to complete your Moodle profile. 




My profile picture is sideways!

Sometimes photos taken with cell phones will upload to Moodle sideways, although they appear in the correct orientation on your phone and computer.

You can easily fix this issue by opening your photo in your computer's default photo editing software, renaming and saving a copy of the picture.