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WebAID Access

NOTE: People accessing WebAID from OFF-CAMPUS will be required to log into UConnect, the campus VPN, to use WebAID.  

If you do not already have a UConnect VPN account, please use this web form to request access:  Uconnect Request

The following instructions will walk you through accessing WebAID using  To download a copy of these instructions for later use, click HERE.

To use the service you will visit a link in your web browser. This will establish a remote desktop connection to a server on campus.

- Open your web browser and go to

- A Sign In form will appear. You should login with your ULID and password.

- After successfully signing in, click on the Full Desktop icon

On the "Access local resources" form click Allow. (You may also want to check the "Don't ask me again..." checkbox.

At this point you will be connected to the remote server. The login process should look familiar.

- Click OK to accept the university terms of service.

Now you should see a standard Windows desktop.

- Double click the Webaid (Internet Explorer) icon on the desktop to open the browser.


The browser will open a connection to the ULink portal.

- Enter your ULID and password on the Secure Login form.
- Click Time Entry
- Click Complete your timesheet in WebAid

-If you get a pop up asking "Do you want to run this application?" click on the Run button.

- If you receive a "Java Update Needed" message, check "Do not ask again until the next update is available". Then, click "Later".

You will then see the Webaid interface and can perform whatever tasks necessary.

- Once you are done, Exit Webaid as normal.
- Once back on the ULink page click "Sign Out" to sign out of ULink.
- Once you see the Logout Successful message you should click the User icon at the top right and select Sign Out.

You may now close your browser tab or browser window.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the IT Service Desk at
or call 337-482-HELP