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Remote Webaid Access

Accessing WebAid from a Remote Location

University Computing Support Services has developed a service which will allow users to access Webaid using their web browser. This solution should work whether or not the user is on campus and does not depend on any other software being installed on the user's computer.

To use the service the user will visit a link in their web browser. This will establish a remote desktop connection to a server on campus.

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WebAID is a web-based administrative information database, accessed through the ULink portal, which is used by employees to record payroll time data. Through WebAID, users can record their leave, which supervisors must approve. Once this is done for the pay period, timesheet data can be recorded by the employee to be approved by the supervisor. Timesheet data is used by the payroll department to generate payroll checks.

WebAID is accessed by logging into ULink. From the Employees or Faculty tab, find and click the WebAID link under Employee Information.

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