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Microsoft 365 - FindTime for Outlook

If you are trying to schedule meetings and you need to suggest times and do a poll, Microsoft 365 has "FindTime" available. It connects to Outlook as an Add On.

Install Microsoft FindTime

To setup Microsoft FindTime:

  1. Go to Microsoft's FindTime Site.
  2. Click the Install for Free button, as shown in the image below, to get FindTime added to your Outlook Client or Web version.
  3. Click "Install for Free."
  4. It will ask about email announcements. Click "I'm Ready."
  5. Login with your ( and password.

Once installation is complete, you will see:

Setup FindTime in Outlook

Outlook Web client

  1. Open your Outlook Webmail by going to the University's Outlook Web client.
  2. Once you log in, click the cog wheel at the top right, then View all Outlook Settings.
  3. Look for Customized Actions and scroll down a bit and check the box next to FindTime.
  4. Hit Save and return to the main Outlook screen.

View where FindTime will be located in Outlook once installed.

Outlook Desktop client

If you are using the Outlook Client, you will find a FindTime button at the top which resembles the one above. View where FindTime will be located in Outlook once installed.

Learn How to Use FindTime

View Microsoft's instructions on how to do a FindTime Poll on their FindTime Page.