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Uploading a File

Instructors can elect to have students submit assignments via Moodle. One of the most common assignment submissions is a file upload. Any questions regarding the specifications or instructions for an assignment should be brought to the attention of your instructor.

These instructions will provide you a general guide for uploading files to the assignment.

  1. Navigate to the class and click on the assignment name

  2. On the assignment details page, click Add submission

  3. The File submission area of the page will appear, from this section you can either drag and drop files from your computer into the space provided OR click on the add file button (the paper and plus icon) to bring up the file picker.
    If choosing the drag and drop option please skip to step ###

  4. In the File picker window, click Browse. Browse your machine for the file you wish to upload and double click the file
  5. Ensure the name of your file appears next to the Browse button in the File picker box and click Upload this file

  6. Your page will return to the File submissions area, click Save changes.

  7. You will receive an email confirmation that your assignment as been submitted

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